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The Mahlab Report 2016: Legal market upturn as industry adapts to changing marketplace

The legal market is benefiting from an upturn in activity as it adapts to changing workflows, client demands and the onset of artificial intelligence.

Gain valuable insights into the state of the Australian legal market.

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About the Mahlab Report 

Mahlab has a history of more than 40 years as specialists in legal search and selection. 

The Mahlab Report 2016 provides in-depth information about the legal profession, employment experiences, trends and remuneration including remuneration tables.

Presented in two booklets, one each for private practice and corporate practice, the report includes a salary guide for your reference throughout the year.

To produce the report, Mahlab engages widely with the legal profession about work conditions, remuneration and emerging employment trends. This includes in-depth qualitative research through client and candidate interviews and discussion groups. 

The Mahlab Roundtables bring together a broad cross-section of senior legal professionals to discuss the challenges they face. Further Roundtables will be held in the coming year on innovation and disruption, team management and motivation, fee structuring and other topics of interest.

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