Roundtable Briefings


Roundtable Briefing

Mahlab holds regular roundtable discussions to provide valuable insights the legal industry and to facilitate the exchange of ideas about the challenges, concerns and opportunities facing legal professionals today. For roundtable participants, it is also an opportunity to connect, share experiences and learn from each other

Roundtable Briefing: Is the grass greener on the in-house side?

4 July 2018

As corporates continue to build up their legal capability, many private practice lawyers are making the jump to in-house roles. But what motivates them to move to a corporate role? What do they gain, what do they miss most? When is the time right for a move? And is the grass really greener on the in-house side? 

We spoke to a range of private practice lawyers who recently switched to an in-house environment. To read their candid reflections and insights, download the latest Roundtable Briefing

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