• To lie or not to lie (on your CV)?

    06 October 2017, Headlines | Comments disabled

    According to a recent Australian survey, one-fifth (18%) of people living in the APAC region admit to lying on their CV (and a further 5% would "prefer not to say").

  • How To Get Noticed on LinkedIn

    16 December 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    LinkedIn is a resource many recruiters turn to in order to find new candidates to present to clients. Keeping an up-to-date, recruiter friendly LinkedIn profile is a great way to ensure you stay informed of jobs going in your industry, without necessarily being active on the market.

  • Securing the Right Role for You

    10 November 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    It is difficult to really know what a job will be like before starting. Here are some tips designed to arm you with information to best judge whether you are making the right decision for your career.

  • The interview process - a survival guide

    15 September 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    Most of our clients move smoothly and efficiently through the selection process. Here's an outline of how to cope with the interview 'norm' and the much longer alternative.

  • The Bamboo Ceiling in the Legal Profession

    10 August 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    Sometimes, it's difficult being from a non Anglo-Saxon background in the legal profession. However, conditions are improving, and the bamboo ceiling may finally crack in the coming years.

  • Leaving on Bad Terms

    19 July 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    Leaving a job on bad terms is not "career suicide", but it is a difficult terrain to navigate. Here's what you need to know if you are considering a move.

  • From Graduate to Partner

    18 April 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    Last week I spoke to an acquaintance from university I hadn't been in touch with for over twenty years. I was calling her because she was the referee for a delightful candidate I have been helping move from private practice to a senior in-house role. Of course before launching into the reference check we had a good chat about life, children, travel and who's doing what.

  • How To Set Career Management Goals

    06 April 2016, Headlines | Comments disabled

    Over the course of my career, I have met and interviewed many successful lawyers working in diverse practice areas - from company secretaries of ASX listed businesses to equity partners at leading top-tier firms. All have one thing in common: they see the value in robust career management plans. Below are some tips on how to take control of your career, and what should be included in your own plan.

  • Why You Haven't Made Partner

    30 November 2015, Headlines | Comments disabled

    I was recently talking to Senior Associate who couldn't understand why they had been passed over for partnership. Sure, they had been told they failed to create a convincing business plan. But this was not the real reason.

  • Business is booming on the bonnie shores of Scotland

    23 November 2015, Headlines | Comments disabled

    My focus today is a market that is often overlooked by job-seeking Australians. That market is Scotland.