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General Counsel relationship with the CEO and Board.

This latest Roundtable Briefing reflects discussions between experienced General Counsel and Company Secretaries both pre COVID-19 and during these unprecedented times. 

 The discussion covers three central issues concerning General Counsel and Company Secretaries, and how the Banking Royal Commission and COVID-19 have impacted on each of these matters.

 We cover the relationship of the General Counsel and Company Secretary with their CEO and the Board, the ever-evolving role of the General Counsel and Company Secretary and changing perceptions of the legal function by the business.


Market advice

Change and growth are the key themes for the private legal profession this year: growth in partner numbers, often by lateral recruitment and firm mergers and change in the range of offerings that law firms have added to their suite.

2019 saw in-house legal teams increase headcount to support business growth..

Salary advice

The 2019 salary trends for private practice and corporate lawyers are available now. We welcome you to contact us for tailored advice.

Lawyers paid a salary at the higher end of the bands are usually top performers and/or employees who bring with them an additional skill that is over and above..

Roundtable briefings

We regularly bring corporate counsel together to discuss the challenges, concerns and opportunities facing legal professionals today.

We then share the insights of the discussion so that everyone in the profession can benefit…

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