The interview process – a survival guide

  Most of our clients move smoothly and efficiently through the selection process. Here's an outline of how to cope with the interview 'norm' and the much longer alternative. The first interview In many cases, this meeting gives everyone the opportunity to make a...

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Leaving on Bad Terms

  Leaving a job on bad terms is not "career suicide", but it is a difficult terrain to navigate. Here's what you need to know if you are considering a move? It’s the classic scenario, and often the source of corporate whispers. Every day you dread going into work...

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From Graduate to Partner

  Last week I spoke to an acquantance from university I hadn't been in touch with for over twenty years. I was calling her because she was the referee for a delightful candidate I have been helping move from private practice to a senior in-house role. Of course...

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How To Set Career Management Goals

  Over the course of my career, I have met and interviewed many successful lawyers working in diverse practice areas - from company secretaries of ASX listed businesses to equity partners at leading top-tier firms. All have one thing in common: they see the value...

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Why You Haven’t Made Partner

  I was recently talking to a Senior Associate who couldn't understand why they had been passed over for partnership. Sure, they had been told they failed to create a convincing business plan. But this was not the real reason. When we shop – whether it be for...

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LinkedIn and how to use it

  Entering the realms of social media may make you feel like Eliza Doolittle when it comes to understanding how to behave in polite society. Rest assured that the following tips will have you understanding social media etiquette quicker than you can say "the rain...

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Who’s afraid of LinkedIn? Social Media tips

  Please read these hints and home truths to help you select and navigate social media to achieve professional success. ‘Social media is a landscape I navigate quickly and well with my friends and family but I’m lost when it comes to applying these tools to my...

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Later Lawyers: How to secure the job you deserve

  You're a doctor, engineer, scientists, accountant, social worker, executive assistant, actor, artist, entrepreneur, and you decide to study law. You meet the entry criteria and study hard to get the JD, often working at the same time. Congratulations - you're a...

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The Offerings of the Boutique and Mid Firms

  The boutiques and mids have redefined what makes a law firm attractive. Is the size of the firm, or its name, all that lawyers care about anymore? I marvel at how the boutiques and mids continue to grow and the opportunities they offer to lawyers. In recent...

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