What makes a team

What makes a successful team and what can we learn from the sporting field for the practice of law? There are a number of common factors in successful teams both in the sporting and legal arenas. There is so much sport going on at the moment. For a sports tragic like...

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How Do You Achieve Balance

The pressure to be client focussed, or to deliver legal services in tight timeframes means lawyers work long and unpredictable hours affecting home time. It is your responsibility to manage your career and life, and to draw the line if enough is enough. A lawyer I...

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The prodigal lawyer

  A counter trend to the traditional move from private practice to an in-house role has emerged. From the confines of plush offices, at 10pm on an average Tuesday, junior lawyers across Australia, weary from endless hours of due diligence, start to reevaluate...

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Mahlab Corporate Styling Session

    Mahlab invited our clients to a corporate styling workshop with lawyer-turned stylist Nicole Vine of Unlocked Style. She shares her top tips for professional outfit creation.Sydney Office Level 3, 15 Castlereagh StreetSydney NSW +61...

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The pros and cons of working in-house

  "Am I unhappy with the culture within private practice? Does a move in-house offer a better working environment?" By John Egerton, Manager, Corporate, Mahlab (NSW) Dissatisfied private practice candidates often approach us expressing a desire to move in-house...

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When Partnership Is Never An Option

  Lisa Gazis, Managing Director Mahlab Recruitment (NSW) explores the avenues for lawyers when partnership is not an option. ‘Will I progress to partnership?’ is the question senior lawyers ask themselves at some point in time. Whilst others decide not to pursue...

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How To Make Partner

  Lisa Gazis, Managing Director, Mahlab Recruitment (NSW) provides some advice on what to do when you want to make partner. I meet with a senior associate recently. He had been passed over for partnership from a good quality mid tier firm and was looking at his...

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Securing the right job for you

  The job sounds great, the work on offer is interesting, you have relevant skills, the people seem nice and there is scope to move up. You feel you will fit in, and are leaning towards accepting the role. But before you do, you ask yourself: “what about the...

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How to get noticed on LinkedIn

  It’s no secret that recruiters use a variety of methods to find new candidates. While it is always preferable to rely on your own network of legal talent, we never underestimate the value of “fresh” talent. LinkedIn is a resource many recruiters turn to in...

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